Friday, April 15, 2011

The Trump

Review my Thursday, January 27, 2011 post entitled "Portrait of a Presidential Candidate" I decided I should address the Donald Trump. Donald Trump does have the executive experience one would need. Any CEO of a company could do a good job. I don't know if they have the political experience to deal with Washington. But if your trying to bring change to Washington, electing someone who is not willing to play the political games could be a good thing.

If Donald Trump is willing, and is serious enough, he could be a great candidate and a great president. Is he willing to address all issues. Will he be willing to cut taxes and cut spending? Will he reduce the size of government? What will his posistions be? He already has books out, and there is a biography. We could use his toughness in Washington.

The American people need to be willing to elect a congress who is willing to change. No matter who is elected President, change will not occur unless he/she has support of congress.


I am a bit reluctant to go back an edit for errors. My first goal is to record my opinion at that time so I could look back later and see if my thoughts are in line with how the future turned out. So if I go back and edit it will be because of my poor grammar but not with the intent of changing the idea. Since most people are not seeing this (O.K. no one else is seeing this at this time) I am not too concerned with correcting errors.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Computerized and Archived

As what may be happening around the U.S. records are being computerized. The actual document exist some place in storage. Also a book for each year has been kept, indexing the births. It will be quite difficult to go through all the boxes of records. It may not have been kept in a neat order since the certificate of live birth would be sufficient for most purposes and its will have been rare for anyone to see a copy of the original.


I just saw a picture on the Drudge Report of the first Family. I found myself quite concerned about Malia Obama. She looks too skinny. I am worried her mother's anti-obesity campaign may be taking its toll and Malia is turning anorexic.