Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eye on Newt

Well as the primaries are getting closer I am going to have to start some more research. I will have to keep my eye on Newt Gingrich. I need check their websites and look over there posistions. I did like the bits I heard on Huntsman but I would need to study more, I also need to read up on the current Libertarian Party candidates.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vice President

Some thoughts for the person who will be selected as the Vice-Presidential candidate. If you think you may be considered, or even if you don't but are a Governor, Senator, Representative, or you used to do such a job.

Come up with forty (40) questions you should be able to answer. From what the Vice Presidents duties are to names of foreign leaders. Also location of countries and their capitals. Each day and at least once a week, Wikipedia and Google search the top ten news stories of the day. Learn a bit more about the subject. Learn that Libya is located in the Africa.

Do a background search of yourself, or have someone you trust perform it. Think about what bad things you have done. Consider everything in your life will be scrutinized. Your families will be be focus on and some members of your family could be destroyed if you put yourself out as a the V.P. Pic.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Since candidates who do not poll at 4% or more in national polls are not allowed in the debates. I would like to see those candidates go on Youtube, and participate in the debates. Make an opening statement, and then on some questions which are general enough to apply to you, answer. Make rebuttals. And have some people ask questions that are for you. Use YouTube it can be a great tool for you.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Election 2012

While Obama can say he got Osama on his watch, it is way to early to think this will make the key factor for an Obama re-election victory. In a year this will be old news. Was the next terrorist attack prevented? It seems to be the consensus of many people. We are going to be attacked by people looking for retaliation. The war on terrorism continues. Economic issues will continue. People will ask "What did President Obama do that other Presidents would not have also done?" His supporters are going to be upset at the lack of change. Only if the next election was being held this November, would the death of Osama bin laden be a strong enough factor to give him a victory. But we have more than year, and so many things can change in a year.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Congratulation President Obama

With the death of Osama Bin Laden, Congratulations are in order to the President. Good job. Job well done.

Now I hope the President is ready. It is correct, this victory for the United States, and the world, will not go unanswered. Every plane landing or taking off from Reagan International should have (if it does not already have) air marshals on board. The President and family will need increase security.

Some criticism I am already hearing:
Why did it take so long. You knew of the house in August.
If Gitmo had been closed we would never have gotten him.
What else would the President do? He did what other Presidents would have done.

At this early stage I do not know if these criticisms are correct.

In Louis L'Amour books, the ambush would not take place until after the people would leave the narrow space. This is when they would relax thinking the danger is over. We must not relax yet, we must be on alert. From what I have heard the President is not relaxing. (No golfing today Sir)

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Trump

Review my Thursday, January 27, 2011 post entitled "Portrait of a Presidential Candidate" I decided I should address the Donald Trump. Donald Trump does have the executive experience one would need. Any CEO of a company could do a good job. I don't know if they have the political experience to deal with Washington. But if your trying to bring change to Washington, electing someone who is not willing to play the political games could be a good thing.

If Donald Trump is willing, and is serious enough, he could be a great candidate and a great president. Is he willing to address all issues. Will he be willing to cut taxes and cut spending? Will he reduce the size of government? What will his posistions be? He already has books out, and there is a biography. We could use his toughness in Washington.

The American people need to be willing to elect a congress who is willing to change. No matter who is elected President, change will not occur unless he/she has support of congress.


I am a bit reluctant to go back an edit for errors. My first goal is to record my opinion at that time so I could look back later and see if my thoughts are in line with how the future turned out. So if I go back and edit it will be because of my poor grammar but not with the intent of changing the idea. Since most people are not seeing this (O.K. no one else is seeing this at this time) I am not too concerned with correcting errors.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Computerized and Archived

As what may be happening around the U.S. records are being computerized. The actual document exist some place in storage. Also a book for each year has been kept, indexing the births. It will be quite difficult to go through all the boxes of records. It may not have been kept in a neat order since the certificate of live birth would be sufficient for most purposes and its will have been rare for anyone to see a copy of the original.


I just saw a picture on the Drudge Report of the first Family. I found myself quite concerned about Malia Obama. She looks too skinny. I am worried her mother's anti-obesity campaign may be taking its toll and Malia is turning anorexic.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lybia =Bay of pigs

Is Libya going to be President Obama's Bay of Pigs? Will the rebels who want to take over not have enough support and be killed. Because they expect U.S. support but President Obama pulls back his support.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March Maddness

President Obama is being criticize for taking time to be on ESPN discussing his NCAA bracket picks and for taking a schedule vacation to Brazil. I would hope a President of the United States would not be so overwhelmed he couldn't take some time out for picking The NCAA brackets?

Was the President going on Vacation by himself? This is also a vacation for the President's family. And with technology, he will not be out of touch on anything. He will continue to work even on Vacation. The job of President is so stressful most of the past men holding this office, will come away looking much older.

President Obama needs and should take many vacations, and find time to relax. It will serve our country if our President can be relax.

Is Glenn Beck Right?

With the start of spring, we have start of Baseball. We don't say a player getting a hit is evidence of being a great hitter. We would look to the stats over the long term. Its the long term average we want to know. Getting a hit on their first at bat in the first game is meaningless. Its only after being at bat many times do we have enough information. One can't just look at when the batter makes it to base. We must look at hits and MISSES

On the Glenn Beck radio show, Mr Beck is claiming he is right. But how do we determine if he is right. A few correct things does not prove he is correct. I want to know what is his percentage. How many hits and how many misses? It seems like he is focusing on his hits. I want to hear his misses. Then we can determine if Glenn Beck is right.

Monday, March 14, 2011

two and a half men

How to replace Charlie Sheen on two and a half men? Charlie is putting up his house on a bet. The person he made the bet with will have to stay in the house for one year and Allen must live there at the same time. If this person leaves before the time is up Charlie gets 1 million dollars, if he stays Charlie gives up the house.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A great man said

"In securing our liberties, the most difficult thing is learning to tolerate the liberties of others."

~Parker Renfrew~

(Yea I know thats me. Hey what can I say I am GREAT!!)

Two issues I would like to discuss are the Supreme Court Ruling on Funeral protests and the Defense of Marriage Act

No individual wants their liberties to be denied. Some liberties we don't fully exercise and are unconcern if they are threaten. But at times liberteis we exercise but will want other denied those liberties to others who will exercise the same liberties but in a different manner.

Freedom of Speech is one such liberty. Where one exercises it or what they say while exercising it will become reason to deny others freedom of speech. People will get offended by what others say, how they say it or where they say it. "I'll will deny you freedom if you offend me." But such an attitude will lead to all losing freedom. Even if we find it obscene.
It was pointed out one time that prosecuting someone for Obsenity is very chilling to speech. One does not know they have done something wrong until after the speech is made and at one place it would be accepted and protected but another place (local standards) it would be prosecuted. And think how because of one place finds it obscene would prevent it from being heard or seen in a place where it would be protected. Just in order to prevent those who would be offended by it from prosecuting others for it.

Defense of Marriage Act

I would like to do a bit more research on this one but I do want to get my initial thoughts down.

President Obama comes out and says his administration will not prosecute the act because its unconstitutional. And then he is criticized for it.

My first thought on this is to wonder about a previous law passed by congress during the Clinton administration, and later overturned by the Supreme Court. This was the stomping video case. At the time of the bill sighing Clinton order the justice department to narrow the scope of enforcement. Since the legislation was so broad, it could encompass other videos, such as ones dealing with hunting. President Bush and Obama administration both decided to narrow the enforcement of the law. I am glad they did so. To what extent is it different. An administration believing a law to be unconstitutional either in part or in its entirety, should not enforce that law.

Lets look at the Presidential Oath,

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. "

It does not say the to protect and defend the laws passed by congress and signed by a President. The oath talks about the constitution. If any administration, finds a law or a part of a law unconstitutional. Its the President's duty to not enforce it in order to protect the constitution.

I am will to change my thought on this but will need to do some more research.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gas Prices

Well we have gas prices rising and stock market over 12,000. With the unrest in the Middle East causing some of increase in oil prices, some of it is on what the future demand is expected. If every one in the U.S. was to suddenly earn twice as much money, then the price of gas would not be a major concern. But could we be seeing a bubble occurring again and some time soon we would have a day of major stocks falling. It seem close to the same situation as before, I would not be surprised to see the same results.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Democracy NOT YET!!!

Egypt has exchange the dictatorship of Mubarak with a military dictatorship. Its not a democracy. We have to wait and see if the military will allow democracy.

other places

If other places in the mid east or in Africa has protests I don't think the leaders of the other countries will put up with what has happen and will put down all revolts with severe military action. That assumes the military at other places does not want to take power.

What Now?

The question about Egypt is now what happens now. The removal of Mubarak is only 1/3 of the problem. If in one year the person ruling Egypt is a member of the current ruling party, or is member of the military, it will not necessarily be a sign of democratic progress. If it leads to greater conflicts (with Israel, or any other country in the region) we will see a failure of a peaceful revolution. Is there any indication the current ruling party will be out of power?

So we have these questions
What role did the military in past Egyptian elections?

What will happen in other Islamic countries?

What happens with Israel?

Could it lead to a Holocaust in the middle east?

Will the US be able to get through the Suez Canal?

Will a Mubarak free Egypt lead to Egypt becoming a enemy of the U.S.?

Everything in Egypt is totally meaningless if it results in elections not reflecting the will of the people? Or if there is greater violence in the Middle East.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reagan Kennedy Obama

Trying to compare Obama to two historical presidents view positively by many Americans. Seems to be an attempt to make him seem greater than who he really is. 'He's not Obama, he's Reagan or Kennedy" and if you like one of these, you should like Obama. Obama needs to stand on his own. In the Future he needs to be the one they compare future presidents too and such a comparison would need to be a positive.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maddow v Beck

So its a Thursday night and I am watching MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. She gets to a segment entitled "Seriously?", I watch eagerly expecting a reasonable and intelligent response to something Glenn Beck has said. I am making it a point to watch the Jan 31-Feb 4th editions of the Glenn Beck show. I am watching it at thedailybeck.com and as of now have only seen the Monday show. But what I get is her with a flashlight pretending as she was telling a ghost story, not a picking out of some points being made by Glenn Beck and then responding with a thoughtful response. Editing to show him saying the same word over and over again, does not make some profound point. And since I don't know what it means, I was hoping she would define the word and argue how it is not the correct word to use. So as I listen to what Glenn Beck says and as I work on doing my 'homework' I hope I would find better responses to his shows, then what Rachel Maddow has done.

A unified federal Islamic government for the Muslim world, ruled by an elected head of state or caliph

Does not seem like an incorrect word to use.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Protrait of a Presidential Candidate

What will be the profile of a Presidential candidate? The person who becomes a Presidential candidate, should have the following traits.

* 2 term Governor. The person has won re-election and has had many years as executive administration.

* learned the issues well One who could study and know the issues dealing with being President.

* avoided ethical problems. The person in politics should beware of the person who is doing nice things for you. Some may have good intentions, but much more are looking for you to return favor.

* written a book. In order to introduce yourself to the American people the candidate will have written an autobiography.

* Has high approval rating in home state. If you can't win your home state how do you expect to win the Presidential election. Albert Gore was not able to win his home state of Tennessee. Forget about all the events in Florida, let Bush have Florida but Al Gore winning his home state would have given him enough electoral votes to win.

So could a non Governor win? I think people will find enough concern with President Obama to chose someone who has had more time in an executive position.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


So Oprah Winfrey's new network, OWN, is struggling. One of the problems with any network, is when your programming is too narrow. To succeed a network needs greater variety and unique programming. Even "TV Land" a network first featuring reruns of classic TV, is now attempting to put on new and unique shows.

People are going get tired of watching Oprah Winfrey, she will need to consider creating a bit more variety. Some of the daily scheduled programs are reruns of shows ("mystery diagnosis" "Dr Phil" "Miracle Detectives") but it needs a two hour morning program before this "Gayle King Show". The studio could look like a home. Create a game show. Have the weekly book club show. Find some fiction book the was popular after being presented on the show, and create a tv show for it.

The new curse of the the president.

---- A PREDICTION------

The person elected in 2012 will face impeachment. Why I say this? It just a silly notion I have. At one time we had the person elected president in a year ending in zero, would die in office. It started with William Henry Harrison elected in 1840 and died in 1841 after only being in office one month. The last president to die in office was John F Kennedy. But Richard Nixon was the only president to leave before his term by resignation. This shifted the curse. Twenty years after later Clinton is re-elected and while in office is impeached. So the Obama will be re-elected in 2012 and will also face impeachment.


Thank You Hawaii And a Prediction

see article entitled

Hawaii governor claims record of Obama's birth 'exists in archives' but can't produce the vital document

Well thanks to Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, its now going to be necessary to find the missing birth certificate for President Barrack Obama. Had he not brought it up it may not have been a concern. When the Archives are viewed, no birth certificate is found. Instead a note Now is the note that is put down in the archive, from 1961 or sometime later?

The Governor of Hawaii is not doing anything to silence birthers. But instead is adding fuel the fire, and is going to make tougher to put out.

----- A PREDICTION------

The person elected in 2012 will face impeachment. Why I say this? It just a silly notion I have. At one time we had the person elected president in a year ending in zero, would die in office. It started with William Henry Harrison elected in 1840 and died in 1841 after only being in office one month. The last president to die in office was John F Kennedy. But Richard Nixon was the only president to leave before his term by resignation. This shifted the curse. Twenty years after later Clinton is re-elected and while in office is impeached. So the Obama will be re-elected in 2012 and will also face impeachment.


Hopefully it will not be due to the issue of his birth certificate.

John Stewart

It seems strange people would get their news from "The Daily Show". But his show takes the major news of the day and Stewart makes a well spoken statement about the event. He makes very good well reasoned points. Such as from his 1/12/2011 show where he says "Most of us don't really need clarification on the whole "Thou shall not kill" thing and the for ones that do clarification doesn't seem quite specific enough. . . . We end up forcing everyone to live by rules to attempt to prevent the last thing done by the least controllable among us. "

When bad things happen we demand government do something. We can't always prevent bad things from happening. Stewart's point is great. Were trying to pass laws to control the least controllable person. Considering that the only person who had a gun was the shooter, I don't think he would have entertained second thoughts about bringing a gun if a law was passed to create a 1000 ft gun free zone around a federal official. Maybe if he thought others would have a gun and would shoot him, that might bring second thoughts. I don't think was interested in being compliant with gun laws as he tries kill many people.

Gas Prices

Gas prices were increased as the stock market increases. But people also complained. Speculation increasing prices is the result of seeing what the future demand on oil will be. Signs of a growing economy indicates a need of more fuel to get product to market. People complaining indicates people are not experiencing a growing economy. So the likelihood of people demanding product won't go up. People will attempt to cut spending on items to pay for gas. A decrease in demand for products will cause economy to take another down turn. Is economic outlook rising or falling?

If you see gas prices go up and complaints about gas go up, we could see the economy and the stock market go down. My theory is based on what I observed the last time we saw gas prices going up.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well the new congress is in session. I would predict with the House is being a majority of the Republicans and the Senate a majority of Democrats, I would suspect the need for the use of the filibuster (except for Senate only issues) will be limited. Even with Senate only issues, the Republicans could use the House in Republican hands as leverage.