Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lybia =Bay of pigs

Is Libya going to be President Obama's Bay of Pigs? Will the rebels who want to take over not have enough support and be killed. Because they expect U.S. support but President Obama pulls back his support.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March Maddness

President Obama is being criticize for taking time to be on ESPN discussing his NCAA bracket picks and for taking a schedule vacation to Brazil. I would hope a President of the United States would not be so overwhelmed he couldn't take some time out for picking The NCAA brackets?

Was the President going on Vacation by himself? This is also a vacation for the President's family. And with technology, he will not be out of touch on anything. He will continue to work even on Vacation. The job of President is so stressful most of the past men holding this office, will come away looking much older.

President Obama needs and should take many vacations, and find time to relax. It will serve our country if our President can be relax.

Is Glenn Beck Right?

With the start of spring, we have start of Baseball. We don't say a player getting a hit is evidence of being a great hitter. We would look to the stats over the long term. Its the long term average we want to know. Getting a hit on their first at bat in the first game is meaningless. Its only after being at bat many times do we have enough information. One can't just look at when the batter makes it to base. We must look at hits and MISSES

On the Glenn Beck radio show, Mr Beck is claiming he is right. But how do we determine if he is right. A few correct things does not prove he is correct. I want to know what is his percentage. How many hits and how many misses? It seems like he is focusing on his hits. I want to hear his misses. Then we can determine if Glenn Beck is right.

Monday, March 14, 2011

two and a half men

How to replace Charlie Sheen on two and a half men? Charlie is putting up his house on a bet. The person he made the bet with will have to stay in the house for one year and Allen must live there at the same time. If this person leaves before the time is up Charlie gets 1 million dollars, if he stays Charlie gives up the house.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A great man said

"In securing our liberties, the most difficult thing is learning to tolerate the liberties of others."

~Parker Renfrew~

(Yea I know thats me. Hey what can I say I am GREAT!!)

Two issues I would like to discuss are the Supreme Court Ruling on Funeral protests and the Defense of Marriage Act

No individual wants their liberties to be denied. Some liberties we don't fully exercise and are unconcern if they are threaten. But at times liberteis we exercise but will want other denied those liberties to others who will exercise the same liberties but in a different manner.

Freedom of Speech is one such liberty. Where one exercises it or what they say while exercising it will become reason to deny others freedom of speech. People will get offended by what others say, how they say it or where they say it. "I'll will deny you freedom if you offend me." But such an attitude will lead to all losing freedom. Even if we find it obscene.
It was pointed out one time that prosecuting someone for Obsenity is very chilling to speech. One does not know they have done something wrong until after the speech is made and at one place it would be accepted and protected but another place (local standards) it would be prosecuted. And think how because of one place finds it obscene would prevent it from being heard or seen in a place where it would be protected. Just in order to prevent those who would be offended by it from prosecuting others for it.

Defense of Marriage Act

I would like to do a bit more research on this one but I do want to get my initial thoughts down.

President Obama comes out and says his administration will not prosecute the act because its unconstitutional. And then he is criticized for it.

My first thought on this is to wonder about a previous law passed by congress during the Clinton administration, and later overturned by the Supreme Court. This was the stomping video case. At the time of the bill sighing Clinton order the justice department to narrow the scope of enforcement. Since the legislation was so broad, it could encompass other videos, such as ones dealing with hunting. President Bush and Obama administration both decided to narrow the enforcement of the law. I am glad they did so. To what extent is it different. An administration believing a law to be unconstitutional either in part or in its entirety, should not enforce that law.

Lets look at the Presidential Oath,

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. "

It does not say the to protect and defend the laws passed by congress and signed by a President. The oath talks about the constitution. If any administration, finds a law or a part of a law unconstitutional. Its the President's duty to not enforce it in order to protect the constitution.

I am will to change my thought on this but will need to do some more research.