Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Do the Math...

Was at a “Family Dollar” buying someone Arizona Ice Tea. She wanted some cans but they were out, I noticed a gallon jug of it, and checked its price. For $3 you get 128 fl oz, while for $0.95 your 23 fl oz.
But the price tag lists the gallon jug as being priced at $0.0468 per fl oz (which is twice what it should be) it should be listed as $0.234 per fl oz.

Just a quick run of the numbers tell you the label is wrong. Consider buying 5 cans. It would be 5X$0.95=$4.75 which is more than $3.00 and the amount you would get is 5X23 fl oz or 115 fl oz so you are not even up to the same amount of tea and you are already way over.

I should have taken a picture of the price tag, I will at the next Family Dollar I check. Check your local “Family Dollar” is the amount listed per fl oz correct?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Advice to Atheists: Get together

I am part of a Christian 'Life Group', and this group will each week meet at a local restaurant for breakfast, followed by a study.  Atheists should take a lesson from this. 

Many things Atheists disagree with Christianity but in the process allow Christian to have things for which they  should not be denying yourself

Being organized. Some will say they are against organized religion and never organize them selves. There is power in numbers. Lack of organization weakens you. 

Get together with other Atheists and have a study at local restaurants similar to what Christians do.  Develop a study called "The Cross-Examination". In this study you will take a look at Christan apologetics and develop a reply to it.  Take "Evidence that Demands a Verdict" . and cross-examine it.

Get together and sing. Unless you believe the singing is bringing God's presence  why do you think nothing positive can come of it. You should be doing most of the same things but just not giving a higher power credit.

Get together.