Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Reading that Rahm Emmanuel is heard on 21 different taped conversations dealing with the vacant senate seat, I want to address a couple things

Did Obama meet with Ill. Gov. Blagojevich? Now when I do Google search of I see reference to an article from KHQA. Checking with that website I read a clarification that states. It does not have knowledge of any meeting. Now if we saw other reports besides this one source on a meeting than I would consider that a meeting did take place. It should not be surprising that the people around Obama kept him from seeing the Governor. In “Prosecutors talking to Rezko, seek to delay sentencing” we read of Rezko cooperating with the Feds. about ….” allegations that Blagojevich's campaign took contributions in exchange for state contracts or appointments.”. Obama and the Governor were not on friendly terms. So it should not surprise anyone that President-elect Obama was kept at a safe distance.

How long were these conversations and what was the topic? Was nothing mentioned of any political or financial payment in exchange for getting Obama’s desired pick to fill his term in the senate? If it turns out that he did, Obama does not need him as Chief of Staff. Its should not be that he becomes a shield for a President protecting him while he, as Chief of Staff, does the dirty jobs. He needs to have the wisdom on how to approach such a potential political bomb as Blagojevich. If the Blagojevich scandal leaves a major stain on the beginning of the Obama Presidency, then Emmanuel should be fired.

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