Monday, July 13, 2009


Palin is polling well but keep in mind the person who will be the Republican nominee for President in 2012 is not yet on the radar screen.

The desire of non-republicans to have Palin become the nominee is in order for them to have an easy election. Two things. 1) Since most would be expecting Obama as the Democratic nominee you should be hoping that Obama does a great job as president, and will not be in a position to need an easy opponent when running for re-election. 2) You do not want the person who will be a horrible president to have a lot of money. If the person would receive the nomination and some scandal hit the Obama camp, it could be enough of a shift to allow the person to win. It’s the old ‘be careful what you wish for’ saying. A mistake is in thinking that you want the person you view as being the worse President to be the nominee. Then you find out the person does well as a candidate. You would want the WORST candidate of those who could be a GOOD President. Palin’s popularity demonstrates a great desire for a conservative leader in the Republican Party.
People who are supporting Palin are doing so because they are thirsting for a conservative candidate. George HW Bush won because of peoples love of Reagan and lost when he went away from there, broke his promise and allowed new taxes. George W Bush won only a close election. Gore just needed to win his own HOME State of Tennessee. When the Republicans lose they think ‘we must be too far to the right’ not recognizing that it may be because voters have decided to not vote. As you move further and further to the left you lose more and more. IF moving to the left was the correct direction you would see better results.

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