Monday, March 21, 2011

Is Glenn Beck Right?

With the start of spring, we have start of Baseball. We don't say a player getting a hit is evidence of being a great hitter. We would look to the stats over the long term. Its the long term average we want to know. Getting a hit on their first at bat in the first game is meaningless. Its only after being at bat many times do we have enough information. One can't just look at when the batter makes it to base. We must look at hits and MISSES

On the Glenn Beck radio show, Mr Beck is claiming he is right. But how do we determine if he is right. A few correct things does not prove he is correct. I want to know what is his percentage. How many hits and how many misses? It seems like he is focusing on his hits. I want to hear his misses. Then we can determine if Glenn Beck is right.

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