Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vice President

Some thoughts for the person who will be selected as the Vice-Presidential candidate. If you think you may be considered, or even if you don't but are a Governor, Senator, Representative, or you used to do such a job.

Come up with forty (40) questions you should be able to answer. From what the Vice Presidents duties are to names of foreign leaders. Also location of countries and their capitals. Each day and at least once a week, Wikipedia and Google search the top ten news stories of the day. Learn a bit more about the subject. Learn that Libya is located in the Africa.

Do a background search of yourself, or have someone you trust perform it. Think about what bad things you have done. Consider everything in your life will be scrutinized. Your families will be be focus on and some members of your family could be destroyed if you put yourself out as a the V.P. Pic.

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