Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Do the Math...

Was at a “Family Dollar” buying someone Arizona Ice Tea. She wanted some cans but they were out, I noticed a gallon jug of it, and checked its price. For $3 you get 128 fl oz, while for $0.95 your 23 fl oz.
But the price tag lists the gallon jug as being priced at $0.0468 per fl oz (which is twice what it should be) it should be listed as $0.234 per fl oz.

Just a quick run of the numbers tell you the label is wrong. Consider buying 5 cans. It would be 5X$0.95=$4.75 which is more than $3.00 and the amount you would get is 5X23 fl oz or 115 fl oz so you are not even up to the same amount of tea and you are already way over.

I should have taken a picture of the price tag, I will at the next Family Dollar I check. Check your local “Family Dollar” is the amount listed per fl oz correct?

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