Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So what does President Obama do against Syria?
First it needs to make the case for action. The administration needs to prove chemical weapons were used and that whatever action taken will stop further use of chemical weapons. Of ALL the past Presidents, President Obama is least likely to use military action against anyone. For them to even be talking this is way could only occur if the evidence is strong against Syria. We would need to be able be certain no one used a chemical attack in order to manipulate the United States into taking action agaist the Syrian government.

Will the action stop further use of any weapons of Mass Destruction? Either the weapon would be used against the Syrian people or it will be used against Israel or against a country (or countries) of who lead the military strike against Syria.

Are we willing and able to handle some of the possible reaction of Russia and China? Part of this means being able to cut spending in order to eliminate a deficit. Since China tends to supply us with funds when have a deficit, being able to economically survive with out China's funds will be the only way to handle economic retaliation performed by China.
If No reply occurs we are simply allowing mass murder to continue. When does the United States take action? Sure the libertarian would say no action ever, but so we have moral obligation to help those who could not defend themselves? Even if those who we help may desire themselves to harm us.

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