Sunday, May 28, 2017

The BAN!!!

Executive Order 13780 should not be judged based on Candidate Trump's campaign position. As with most past Presidents, what has been campaigned on verses on what they are able to do as president will not be the same. Judge Executive Order 13780 on what it says not on the words spoken by President Trump while campaigning. 

It does not need to be upheld. What is the point of the "ban? To fulfill a campaign promise. By rejecting it based on the statements made by Candidate Trump, you help Trump to proclaim he fulfilled his promise. 

Why a tempory suspension? "... pending a review of our procedures for screening and vetting refugees." But those procedures are reviewable without any temporary suspension. Nothing about this should prevent any review. By now, most reviews should have been completed. Any changes in the screening and vetting process could be implemented, without Executive Order 13780 ever being enacted. 

Not having a suspension simply means some individuals will enter the United States who would not have been allowed entry with a more rigorous procedure for screening and vetting. 

And God forbid a terrorist enters the United States, commits an act of terrorism during the period a suspension would have been in place, makes Trump a hero. Do blame him would be insane. 

Some suggest if Trump would just have kept his mouth shut he would have suceeded in having the executive order carried out. Essentially you;re saying don't be honest. Success comes from lying by ommission. That is not really a good thing. 

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