Thursday, January 22, 2009

What are the predictions

Hillary Clinton will be running the State Department like it was a mini administration. It will not be Obama’s foreign policy but Hillary’s. If Hillary has success, and the domestic front is not going well, she will be praised and people will express regret not giving her the nomination. Obama would have to make quite a number of foreign trips, with major substantive speeches. Would Obama be able to keep up with Hillary who would be constantly travelling. As much as people love Obama. Sectary of State Hillary Clinton will have more press coverage than other Sec. Of State. It will be Hillary vs Obama all over again, and since Obama is President he will attempt to remove her from the position. With a 24/7 news cycle it will become a tough PR battle.

In the next four years no one will ask Obama if he made a mistake.

Criticisms of Obama will be viewed as racism. As a result instead of publicly giving reasons why something is the wrong path (which may help an Obama administration choose a better path) many will give praise to something that is not so praiseworthy. Obama’s administration will happily go down the path less traveled. And unfortunately it will be a path full of peril and too difficult to come back from. One must give good honest fair criticism of Obama’s administration in order to help him have a successful time in office. Making everything Obama does greater than it is may give him greater confidence to choose the wrong path.

Just as those who were in Washington D.C. to witness the Obama swearing found them selves disappointed, so may the many people who have projected on to Obama their ideas of change. They will have assumed that Obama will approach things in a manner that they expect, and when he does things in a very realistic manner they will be asking “Where is the change?”.

Obama will not be able to fully pull out of Iraq in 16 months. Bear in mind, we have built a massive embassy. It will have many troops. How many people will be upset at our final troop level (it will not be zero troops). Troops will be moving in and out of Iraq for YEARS, in fact DECADES. Can Obama make being in Iraq the key to peace in the Middle East? Iraq will have to be transformed from where we fight the war on terrorism, into a major key in creating peace.

When asked about what tax software Sec. Of Treasury nominee Timothy Geithner used in preparing his mistaken tax return, he said Turbo Tax. He did failed to understand the point of why one would be asked the question. It was not to be critical of Turbo Tax but to see if someone filling out their taxes would be prompted to tax certain action and chose to ignore it. If he would be prompted, then it becomes less of a mistake, and more of a intentional error. Bloggers will be grabbing old copies of Turbo Tax and test to see how easy it would be to make such an oversight without any warning by the software.

The Supremes

The Supreme Court will have a vacancy after this years term is completed. Anyone in the Liberal side of the court could retire. I would say it could be John Paul Stevens, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

(btw when will Barrack Obama be added to spell check?)

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