Saturday, May 16, 2009

Campainality vs Reality and other thoughts.

During a presidential campaign the non-incumbent candidate will criticize the way things are being done in by the current administration. As he spends time in office President Obama comes face to face with reality. He has to deal with certain truths, which he could ignore while being a candidate. From learning that earmarks are not all bad, to learning the dangers posed by those in Gitmo, Obama is having to change what he promised in his campaigns. During the campaign his soon to be voters are out cheering him over these promises. But when those promise are wisely broken they are mad that he could not continue to ignore reality.

Obama is only human. His supporters should allow him to be human. Accept that he is inexperience, not too politically savvy. He will avoid having press conferences and will continue to use a the teleprompter or the big screen TV. Cut this “He is so humble.” crap. He is slightly over his head.

If President Obama wants to encourage bipartisanship, he needs to veto legislation. Find some a piece of legislation where republicans had wanted to filibuster. Discuss with a few republicans (John McCain could be one) some key issues of the legislation. Asked for these issues to be included in the legislation. Force them to work together. Bipartisanship tends to occur when it is needed. When you have near filibuster proof Senate you don’t need bipartisanship. If President Obama vetoes legislation it will force them working together to overturn the veto or work together to get the legislation in a form that is acceptable.

Specter’s Spectacle
I am amazed to hear people who say Specter’s change of party is only a selfish move and does not benefit the Democrats, but insists that it’s a huge lost for the Republicans. If how he votes does not change, republicans do not lose anything.

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