Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sotomayor’s Senate Hearing

Sotomayor had a large number cases before her during her time on the bench. So her hearings should take a large amount of time. If the previous Supreme court nominees had just a small percentage of cases requiring further scrutiny, and it would then be reasonable to expect Sotomayor to also have a small percentage of cases requiring a further look. This would mean looking at a lot more decisions. But with her many cases it is going to require spending a long time to go through. This will be shown on the cable news channels, and as the judicial committee goes through the many cases it will become very boring to the viewers. The lack of interest by the cable news viewers should not lead people to ask “Are they being to hard on her?”. The lack of patience by the American people should NOT lead the judicial committee to abandon its job. Take the time needed to do the proper job.

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