Thursday, January 20, 2011

John Stewart

It seems strange people would get their news from "The Daily Show". But his show takes the major news of the day and Stewart makes a well spoken statement about the event. He makes very good well reasoned points. Such as from his 1/12/2011 show where he says "Most of us don't really need clarification on the whole "Thou shall not kill" thing and the for ones that do clarification doesn't seem quite specific enough. . . . We end up forcing everyone to live by rules to attempt to prevent the last thing done by the least controllable among us. "

When bad things happen we demand government do something. We can't always prevent bad things from happening. Stewart's point is great. Were trying to pass laws to control the least controllable person. Considering that the only person who had a gun was the shooter, I don't think he would have entertained second thoughts about bringing a gun if a law was passed to create a 1000 ft gun free zone around a federal official. Maybe if he thought others would have a gun and would shoot him, that might bring second thoughts. I don't think was interested in being compliant with gun laws as he tries kill many people.

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