Thursday, January 27, 2011

Protrait of a Presidential Candidate

What will be the profile of a Presidential candidate? The person who becomes a Presidential candidate, should have the following traits.

* 2 term Governor. The person has won re-election and has had many years as executive administration.

* learned the issues well One who could study and know the issues dealing with being President.

* avoided ethical problems. The person in politics should beware of the person who is doing nice things for you. Some may have good intentions, but much more are looking for you to return favor.

* written a book. In order to introduce yourself to the American people the candidate will have written an autobiography.

* Has high approval rating in home state. If you can't win your home state how do you expect to win the Presidential election. Albert Gore was not able to win his home state of Tennessee. Forget about all the events in Florida, let Bush have Florida but Al Gore winning his home state would have given him enough electoral votes to win.

So could a non Governor win? I think people will find enough concern with President Obama to chose someone who has had more time in an executive position.

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