Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Now?

The question about Egypt is now what happens now. The removal of Mubarak is only 1/3 of the problem. If in one year the person ruling Egypt is a member of the current ruling party, or is member of the military, it will not necessarily be a sign of democratic progress. If it leads to greater conflicts (with Israel, or any other country in the region) we will see a failure of a peaceful revolution. Is there any indication the current ruling party will be out of power?

So we have these questions
What role did the military in past Egyptian elections?

What will happen in other Islamic countries?

What happens with Israel?

Could it lead to a Holocaust in the middle east?

Will the US be able to get through the Suez Canal?

Will a Mubarak free Egypt lead to Egypt becoming a enemy of the U.S.?

Everything in Egypt is totally meaningless if it results in elections not reflecting the will of the people? Or if there is greater violence in the Middle East.

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