Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maddow v Beck

So its a Thursday night and I am watching MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. She gets to a segment entitled "Seriously?", I watch eagerly expecting a reasonable and intelligent response to something Glenn Beck has said. I am making it a point to watch the Jan 31-Feb 4th editions of the Glenn Beck show. I am watching it at and as of now have only seen the Monday show. But what I get is her with a flashlight pretending as she was telling a ghost story, not a picking out of some points being made by Glenn Beck and then responding with a thoughtful response. Editing to show him saying the same word over and over again, does not make some profound point. And since I don't know what it means, I was hoping she would define the word and argue how it is not the correct word to use. So as I listen to what Glenn Beck says and as I work on doing my 'homework' I hope I would find better responses to his shows, then what Rachel Maddow has done.

A unified federal Islamic government for the Muslim world, ruled by an elected head of state or caliph

Does not seem like an incorrect word to use.

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