Friday, January 20, 2012

NEWT's Denial

If I understand correctly how Newt responded to his daughters inquires to his asking his wife for an open marriage, it sound almost like he was parsing his words. He does not make obvious by saying "It depends on the meaning of 'open' marriage." It seems as if he is saying 'well I never asked for a marriage where my wife could go out and find someone else. It would be exclusive to the three of us. I was not saying I could get other woman beside my wife and mistress. It would be just the three of us." So it seems to have the potential of a narrow meaning.

The people supporting Newt, in my opinion, simply want someone to stand up to the press, and who appears intelligent. He may very well have tried to have his wife, and mistress be in tri-marriage or a poly marriage. Closed to only the three of them not to all of them. Also they want someone who was not a Mormon.

I need to research some to find out why NOT Rick Santorum.

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