Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Do we make it difficult for others to give in secret? Do we critizies others because we do not see others giving?

Recently at Church they challenged people to give their jackets the ones they brought with or worn that day. I went down to my car and took out my jacket (it was warm enough for one not wear a jacket) and brought it back in and put it in the box. But when the person giving the message does this it seems to be forcing people to do it in front of others. It is not my intent to do it in front of others. To do it for others to see. ( I was glad to see the video showing people giving the jackets, I was not in it since I took extra time to get my jacket)

Allow people to give, but allow them to do so in a manor that is not public. If someone volunteers don’t make a video of it. Allow people to keep their giving a secret. It will help prevent people from being tempted to have it become a moment of public praise. And don’t criticize others if you don’t see them giving. Find ways to encourage others to give but don’t let be a public display.

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