Monday, November 8, 2010

Stop the gloating!

After the 2010 mid-term election, an extensive amount of gloating by talk show hosts. I heard at least three times the song "Ding Dong The Witch is Dead". So hear it is on Monday after the election and now is the time for the gloating to end. One of the elements of the downfall of the Democratic congress is the arrogance of thinking the victory in 2008 represented approval of anything they wanted to do. As it was then the republican victory is in part to the rejection of Democratic policy.
It is not surprising to hear Nancy Pelosi is going to try to gain the position of minority leader. She may have had water poured on her, but she is not melting away. Her willing to stay and fight and not just disappear is admirable. Will the Republicans listen to the American people and begin to cut spending. Will they do all they can do to repeal the new health care reform law.

On the issue of raising the debt ceiling. Continuing to have United States fall deeper and deeper in to debt must stop. The ability for the congress to propose a budget that doesn't have a deficit is difficult to imagine. But would like to see them cutting spending. I want to see that is being done first. If the President does not like the spending cuts, let him veto the budget. Only after we have severely cut spending would I be willing to see the debt ceiling go up.

It is going to require abandoning the status quo thinking. Start thinking that federal government does not need to be the one doing everything. It means we may have to allow a company to file bankruptcy. Understand it is not a bad thing Imagine what would happen if we would allow the American people to have the money for the education of their children and be allowed to shop around for the best schools. Could we legalize drugs and be able to save money or would it cause so much harm that the money spent on the war on drugs would be small in comparison. Start repealing laws and reduce regulations.

The gloating has to stop. It's the time to be making sure the message is clear on what we need done.

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