Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who is going to filp?

So I wonder if anyone is going to flip parties. In the house it would not surprise me if some Democrats would flip to the Republican side in order to preserve their seat in the next election. But will any one flip in the Senate? If someone does it will be to gain power. But since the filibuster number is 60, it will be a surprise that someone will flip. I could see Murkowski going to the Democrats if she feels like she was betrayed by the Republicans. So we will see what happens their, one can not assume that Murkowski received all 40% of the vote. The write-in vote will take time to determine who got what vote. Could someone have written in McAdams or Joe Miller? And how many people signed up for a write in campaign in order to confuse the write-in count.

What will happen? It is going to be interesting.

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