Monday, February 6, 2012

Living Like I was dying.

One problem with trying to live like your life will end in a short period time, is you are not truly dying. Some things you would do have very little long term negative impact. I just made a will using legal zoom. It is a very basic will, but it has been something I have put off doing. No matter when I die, having a will completed is always a good thing to have. I have one allowing for changes to be made over time.

Some things would have a negative long-term impact or could have a negative long-term impact. Driving around a race track at a very high-rate of speed would be fine if you had only a short time to live. So it would be things which would have a short-term positive but would or could have a long-term negative.

Things I would tend to do. I would work less, If at all. I would not have to worry about money for this period time, so I would not work to spend time doing things I would like to do.

I asked many of the people I work with, what would they do if they only had 40days left. I received many responses. “Rob some banks.” “Quit my job.” “Leave on a final vacation.” “Take revenge/kill on all my enemies” “Get a bunch of credit cards, and max them out, by spending it on strippers and hookers” “Continue to do what I am doing now.” No one answered the question by saying “I would check into the hospital to find out why I have only 40days to live!”

I wonder how honest one could be on this topic? To be COMPLETELY honest I would have SEX! Well I would want to have sex I am not sure someone would want to have sex with me. I don’t think anyone would want to marry me. Now is this being selfish? Most of what a person may do would be in part a benefit to them. The person who ‘loves deeper’ is not drained of his love. The person is filled up with love, joy, and peace. When I wrote my will, I made it simple and gave everything I owned, except my car, to my brother. The car went to someone who could use a car, such a gift is given out of concern for the other person. I would enjoy personally handing them the title to the car. The person who climbs the Rocky Mountains or rides a bull for 2.7 seconds is doing it for the enjoyment received. While I may also want to do this more than once, It would not be the only things I do.

I would spend more time with parents and my brother. I would hope my other brother and his family would come up as well. I would visit as many of my relatives as possible. I would want to reminisce about life. I would also help make funeral plans.

Besides having some sex, I would also ride a horse; take a trip to see some sights. If money is no object, then Museum of natural history in New York, with mom and other relatives to see the work(s) of my Great-uncle F Lee Jaques. Talk to all my cousins. Some cousins I have not talked to in YEARS. Visit some classmates.

Some of the time would be at work. Not for the work itself, but for the enjoyment of being with the people I work with.

I hope I don't offend anyone by my Honesty.

In the time of this experience, I would have my 44th birthday. (Oh my goodness I am getting older!) So I would have a huge birthday party. (I think this would be where some of the sex would take place.)

Enjoy a bottle of pop from Mac’s Hardware. Watch at least the top 10 best movies of all time. Also watch the top ten comedies of all time.

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