Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Newt Gingrich and The Convention

Well I downloaded the information about the delegate count, and I worked on trying to figure out how could the rest of the contests go. Santorum has to win either Texas or California. I suspect he will be able to win Texas but I don't think he will be able to win California. I wanted to know how would the breakdown be in order for Romney not to come into the convention with enough delegates to win the nomination. Some of the delegates in the past caucuses or primaries have not all been allocated, I tend to be missing a few, so the missing ones could go to Romney and he would win.

If it would be possible for no candidate to have enough votes, it is thought we will have a brokered convention . But I don't think that is what Newt Gingrich wants. I think he would like to be the vice presidential nominee. So if Mitt Romney wants his supporters, he would add Gingrich to the ticket, bringing his delegates over to Romney.

Now I question if it would be possible to be part of the ticket, with out releasing his delegates. It seems like he would have to but would be depending on them to vote for Romney.

Also if Romney rejects the proposal, would Santorum have enough delegates to allow the Gingrich delegates to give Santorum the nomination? I don't think so.

So Newt Gingrich is going to have to use the threat of a broker convention against Romney in order to get the vice president spot on the ballot. But are any of these candidates willing to settle for be the number two?

How about Romney and Santorum put aside their differences, and work together. If they would join forces, it would neuter Newt. Polls need to be done checking on the Romney and Satorum vs President Obama and Vice President Biden race. Could they together, beat President Obama? Maybe.

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