Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush’s Apologizes

When I am at work and a former conservative Rush Limbaugh fan, now very much liberal, brings up something Rush Limbaugh says, he acts surprised. I point out that Rush is not different from how he was twenty years ago when he was listening to Rush. So when Rush apologizes, I am amused by how Rush suggests his comments are not a reflection of how he is. It is not a sincere apology. But if people hear he apologizes, they will tend to assume he will apologize in a manner fitting the definition they have.
Instead he suggested his behavior was how the ‘LEFT’ behaves, and his choice of words was not the best. Saying he was pointing out “absurdity by being absurd”. His apology is about saving his business. It seemed to me in my opinion to be insincere. Done in hopes his advertisers will continue to support his show.
Rush is right about one thing. It’s the audience that is important. When people quite listening to his show, advertisers will quit advertising on his shows. If the audience continues to listen he will find advertisers.

Another thing I would agree with is Rush did not think she is represented by the use of those words. He did NOT fully buy her testimony, and did not believe she was having such an active sex life she could not afford birth control. He suggested what he considered the logical conclusion to be reached if someone needed that much birh control. But don't think his choice of words was somehow beneath him. It was not.

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