Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Supreme Court

I wonder how the Supreme Court makes decisions?

During Ruth Beta Ginsburg's confirmation hearing she was asked “What is the worse Supreme Court case” She had said the case of “Roe V Wade” but she had a better argument for Abortion rights, but would not state what it is in case it is brought up before the Court.

So how much do the oral arguments play in the decisions of the court?If a justice did not think one side may a good case, would they be willing to make the better case in their opinion. If someone would make a bad argument, would that side lose because of the poor argument or will a justices better opnion be used in its place.

If the case is going to be based on the quailty of the oral arguments it would seem the Health Care Reform law would be overturned.

I will try to take sometime to further study of the oral arguments. It would be interesting to be able to create my opinion of the case and examine if how I wrote it would in anyway be close to what is finally presented.

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