Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Democrats are celebrating the passage of the health care legislation. If this had been a super bowl game, it would be like they one by one point after being able to get being able to re-kick a just missed field goal. Allowed after the defense was called off sides; after a false start by the offense, which was missed by the game officials. Its not a great victory. We will see how many fans the democrats have when the 2010 elections take place.
With President Obama signature the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is now law
we can now look at the final language. Opponents of the health care bill need to point out the negatives within this bill, along with a reverence to where in the law the provision is located.
The Democrats need to come with two positive items for every negative item. They also need to start working on a piece of popular legislation. They need to pass a popular bill, which Republicans could not vote against. If they work on any issue as unpopular as health care, it will continue to push them toward losing the House or the Senate.
Much of the legislation takes effect on Jan 1st 2014, if the Democrats lose both the House and the Senate, and then the White House in 2012; They may find themselves having to fight to keep the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act from being repealed. It would be a mistake for them to eliminate the filibuster.
Now is the time to closely examine the new law. I know I will be spending a good amount of time researching the new law.

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