Friday, March 12, 2010

Bill Nye made me more skeptical

A few years ago I was listening to my XM radio as I was heading to a restaurant for some spaghetti in an attempt to gain weight. He continued to emphasis the term ‘climate change’. I wondered why ‘climate change’ and not global warming? He never explained why a change in terminology. So as I ate my spaghetti I thought about why one would chose the term climate change over global warming. If the evidence for global warming was weaker, one might need to change what you called the evidence presented before you. Maybe he never believed in global warming, and simply wanted to present an alternative. Would the continuing use of the term global warming force one to find evidence for warming? While using climate change, would allow one to be open up to other possibilities.

For the person wanting to use the term global warming, I submit this for your consideration. If all countries in the world began performing on 10 different actions which if each one started in the next 5 years, global warming would be eliminated. Would you, as a global warming believer, be happy if everyone agreed and did those 10 actions? The person who believes in global warming and only uses climate change because it’s a more accepted term may say “YES!”. I would want to know why? The person who believes in climate change would refrain for drawing a conclusion. The person would need to know how it would effect the various climates and not just the GLOBAL temperatures. You could have enough areas of cooling combined with areas of warming resulting in no GLOBAL warming. The result could be disastrous, but no more GLOBAL warming.

People continued to use the term ‘Global Warming’. I would wonder if they worked on making the evidence fit this preconceived conclusion. One could allow for different scenarios under climate change, and allow the evidence to lead wherever it leads too. One could and I will continue to be skeptical of the evidence. I want to know that others could have access to the raw data and able to look how the models are created to determine if they are made well.

To stop questioning things is to stop thinking and I will not stop thinking.

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