Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do they ever get it right?

Its amazing how often someone will bring up some topic at work and how wrong they have the facts. When someone brings up an issue they are probably wrong about the topic 60 percent of the time. Certain parts of it may be right but mostly they have it wrong. It takes about five minutes of research to discover they are wrong. The latest of this concerns Rush Limbaugh. I am told about how Rush is back tracking on a statement he made. I am told he had said he would MOVE out of the country if the Obama health care reform bill passes. I was listening the day after and heard his comments concerning the news stories that came out. I would explained that Rush would leave the country to get his health care and not for the purpose of moving out. I am then assured that is not what he said originally and he is only saying that now but there is a recording of his original statement which you could listen to him talk about moving out of the country. This is just huge. They are salivating over this. There so happy that he said such a stupid thing. Mind you one person was a Conservative Republican Rush fan who at time seems to have lost all ability to reason. Seems like he needs some kind reassurance that his changing sides and going off the deep end for Obama. Well I come home from work and do a google search on this. On the Huffington post

your read about it AND you hear a recording of it in complete context. Rush takes a call from Richard in Naples who asks a two-part question. 1) Where would [Rush Limbaugh] go for health care? And 2) what happens to the doctors? Would they be forced to go in to a federal program? He consider that doctors may be able to opt out and then have a small private practice where clients would pay a retainer, but he does not know if the senate bill outlawed it. So if everything was implemented, and doctors were forced to participate in the federal program he would leave the country and go to Costa Rica. For anyone to listen to this and believe Rush said he will move to Costa Rica, well, that might be just wishful thinking or they have lost the ability to think.

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