Friday, March 12, 2010

Obama wastes time

President Obama should have found someone on the opposing party and worked with the person to create legislation. Also find an issue that would have a high majority of support. He needed to learn some lessons from Clinton. Political views and the support for them are like the bell shaped curve. To each end the amount of support is low. Only in the middle do you find high support. Finding those middle issues will allow you to accomplish things, and not waste time was key to a successful first year. Take those issues to the left of the center, which have more popular support. It could allow some of the other issues further to the left to become more acceptable. Either that other views will be more acceptable, or some will be willing to give something that is less desirable a chance if first something they desire is given to them. You waste time when you do too much too soon. One should understand political reality. A senator who has not served much in Washington may not fully understand those realities. President Obama has done damage. He needed to have had such a spectacular year, that people would not want to see his agenda stopped. Instead people worry about President Obama being out of control and want to see some control brought in.

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